Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rebuilding My Wardrobe & The Way I See Me.... and Random Stuff :)

     So this weekend was GREAT and this week seems to be just as good so far.  Went shopping this weekend for my daughters graduation dress (found an amazing dress for her) and ended up trying on some clothes myself.  I met the dressing room with skepticism, kind of just a lets see if this fits for giggles and grins. Much to my surprise in the first store (Ross) I found two summer dresses in a size 24 that fit me, and looked amazing. I'm not sure how many of you will relate, but for me, I am struggling with body image a lot more now that I am getting smaller. I still see the 460 pound girl in a sense. When I look at clothes I am used to only fitting in HUGE clothes so if it doesn't look HUGE on the hanger I usually assume that I will not fit in it. Seeing myself in these dresses kind of opened my eyes. They elongated me and really showed how much thinner I am, my confidence went sky high.  So, that same day we were also trying to find another outfit for my daughter to wear in family photos that are coming up. So we go to Fashion Bug, and again I decide to wear my brave girl panties and try on some more clothes.... Are you ready..... I fit into jeans, ME, the fat girl who hasn't worn jeans for almost 15 years, fit into a pair of jeans. Granted they had an elastic waist so I was excited, but wait it gets better.... Yesterday I return to the store to pick up some more leggings (they were on sale) and I decide I am going to be real brave. I try on a pair of jeans with no elastic. Sit down in the dressing room preparing myself for defeat, one leg goes in and then another, pull them up and..... I am now wearing a size 28 regular (no elastic) pair of jeans. My heart almost burst!!!  Needless to say, (but I'm gonna) I went home and cleaned out my closet that was once full of clothes that are now hanging off of me, and I filled it  with clothes that now fit me. Much thanks to my very supportive husband who let me be spoiled this weekend. (time to rebuild savings) :)

     We went to visit graves this weekend also, it's a family tradition to go visit the graves and then go to the park and have KFC.  The night before we left I devised a plan to not fail (first time having KFC this journey). I looked up the nutritional info and was very sad to find out that eating the skin (the crunchy part) more than doubles the calories. With the skin a breast piece is 360 calories and without it, it is only 160. The skin is my favorite, but I decide not to have it. Its a good thing too, my lunch consisted of 1 breast, no skin, about 1/4 cup mashed potatoes, and a biscuit.... The calories...440, that's big for lunch. It's a good thing that I usually don't eat there.

Provo River


     After the park my hubby decides he wants to check out some fishing spots out were we were and we stumbled across a small piece of the Provo River. Beautiful spot, lousy fishing. We did however enjoy some very cute ducks!

    I think I survived the weekend keeping my 299 goal in mind. I really watched my cheat day to make sure I didn't cheat too far. Zumba was tough last night because I was already tired, but I did it and that is all that matters. Got lots of physical activity it actually. I am excited and nervous to weigh in on Friday. I have not hit a plateau yet and I am praying I don't, at least for a little while. Fingers crossed.........


  1. Way to go you! You must be so proud of yourself. I think you have an amazing attitude toward weightloss and think setting yourself lots of goals rather than one huge goal is the way to go - you get to feel that sense of achievement several times over :)
    Weightloss is a long hard slog but if you ever begin to doubt you can do it, just remember back to KFC - blimey girl! How the heck you had the willpower to do that is astounding, I think I would have caved. Fabulous achievement in itself :D
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. I am your newest follower :D

  2. Thank you Linda, I also appreciate your comments and support. I really do look forward to following you!