Monday, May 14, 2012

310 - Weekly Report

     Wow! What a week... 310 was my weigh in on Thursday 5/10. It was a day early but I couldn't be happier, only 11 pounds to go and I will be under 300. I have not been able to say that since I was 18 or so. I am hoping to get there in about 3 weeks, realistic I think.
     If you peek at my weekly nutrition report you will notice that there are a few extra days and that this post is late. Well, that is because I went on vacation. I decided while on vacation that I would still track what I was eating but not put too much worry on what it was I was eating. I figure that one week is not going to make or break me (tune in on Friday to find out). I did ok as far as calorie consumption, did not go over what I am allowed (2,029 calories) except for one day I think. I did go over what I normally eat which is about 1,500. My nutrition on the other hand is quite a different story, it was bad!! Not even going to lie.
     So I spent most of my week running my butt off to get ready for this trip which is why I think I had lost so much weight this week. I did not do any exercise, at least not purposely so I was surprised I had lost so much. Vacations are so much work, I kind of wonder why people think it is relaxing because it's kind of a lot to do... Thinking I need a vacation from the vacation LOL!!    
     You're probably wondering where we went.... well, nowhere seemingly spectacular, but somewhere special to my family as it is where my husbands side of the family lives (a good bunch of em' anyway). Got to spend a lot of time with some people we have not seen for ages... My favorite day was on Saturday, we fished ALL day long. Just FYI, fishing even while sitting burns a good amount of calories. It would vary from person to person as there are lots of factors that play into how much one burns but for me it was like 290 calories per hour (we did it for 6).... Awesome I thought!!!

 Hawkins Reservoir, Idaho

     We fished in several different spots including; Hawkins Reservoir, Cold Springs River, and Alexander Reservoir. Hawkins was my fav because it was the only place we caught any fish, but the whole experience was pretty cool. We fish a lot at home but usually in the same spots so it was good to get out someplace different. Ended up a little crispy but had a blast!!

     As I close for this week I will leave you with this.... Now that I am used to eating healthy foods, I find that eating junk is not as fun as it used to be. I end up feeling sick and it leaves me bloated. I'll have to work extra hard this next week (which starts today) to make up for the fun I had over the last few days. I can do it though!!



  1. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank You!! I am hoping to reach my final goal by Christmas.