Helpful Links

Places That Have Helped Me On My Journey

Sandee Julz - This is a shameless plug I admit, it is my moms online jewelry store. I will say this though... She does carry a lot of plus size jewelry, she has something for everyone. I know it can be hard to find rings in larger sizes but here you will find it all.

Calorie Count - This is an amazing site with amazing tools, and it is FREE. Some of the tools available are a daily food and activity tracker, bmi calculators, burn meters, forums... and much more! Not only does it help you track your calories in and out, but it enables you to see how good something is that you are consuming. You can set your diet to just about whatever you want including : General USDA, Diabetic, Atkins (the list goes on). The best thing though is the support you'll get from people who have or are going through the same things.

Old Will Knott Scales - I love this place, it is where I found a scale that would weigh me when I was 460+ pounds. Their website is easy to navigate, prices are great, and service is SUPER quick!

Hair-An Syndrome - An informative site about Hair-An Syndrome.

Soul Cysters - A great support forum for people with PCOD/PCOS

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