Saturday, May 5, 2012

313.2 - Weekly Report

     Well today's weigh in brought more good news, I am now 313.2 pounds... That makes a total of 146.8 pounds lost so far. I have not weighed so little since I was 19 years old, I am 33 now.
     This week was full of ups and downs for me. I spent the first part of the week in a very blah state due to the fact that I melted my food scale. Note to self : even if the burners are off, the back burner will be VERY hot if the oven is on.... I found it a little difficult to log my calories accurately. I try to weigh everything versus measuring it because it is more precise.
     My knee started hurting on Sunday, and silly me decided to do Zumba anyway... Bad idea, ended up having to sit the rest of the week out. Needless to say with the scale and my knee out of commission, I didn't figure for much of a loss this week. (Pleasantly Surprised)
     After worrying about my new baggage (loose skin) for the past few months, I decided that I should start looking into some ways to get rid of it. Most of the reading I did gave me little to no hope other than plastic surgery. I thought to myself great... That's exactly what I'll do, so I began looking into that- can we say fall off the chair OMG. That stuff is expensive and for what I will need done about $33-40 THOUSAND dollars. Most of which is NOT covered by insurance (which I don't have). Needless to say I felt hopeless, I'm going to be stuck with this stuff forever??? Well....then I get a call from my mom who has been seeing a plastic surgeon for the last little while for her knee. She says that she has been talking to him about me and he wants to see me on Wednesday. I am stoked but figure there is no way he can do all of this, I can't pay him. I go cause I want to see what he has to say.... There is a Lord in Heaven and he was shining down on me that day. The doc is so pleased with my progress and that I am doing it naturally, he will work with me.... I could kiss the man!!! Anyway, I still have about 118 pounds to lose so I go back and see him in 3-4 months. Can y'all hear that??? That's me being happy!!! The hospital fees are not included in his so I will have to figure out how to come up with it (up front). He says that if I can get some insurance by then that it will most likely cover my tummy lift. I am still shining from that meeting!!
     The rest of the week was just kind of there, but I got a new food scale today so from tomorrow on all will feel right in the world, and this next week will be fantastic!

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