Friday, May 18, 2012

306.8 - Weekly Report

     Much to my relief, this weeks weigh in went really well (306.8, grand total of -153.2 pounds)! I thought that last weekend's vacay splurge may have slowed me down, but, I have managed to stay the course! That makes me so happy and will keep me on track for the goals that I set in last nights post. I have 14 days to make it to my 299 goal which is only 3.4 pounds per week. I can totally do it! My plan to make it happen is just to keep on going with the calorie counting and also to resume my Zumba regime which is 3 times a week 30 minutes at a time. I have not done it for a couple of weeks because I had hurt my knee by pushing too hard and then last weeks vacay and cleaning up after it. I have supplemented by the fishing and by all my activity but still not as good as Zumba, because it is my only cardio right now, and, helps put some shape to this now mis-shapen body of mine.
     One thing I learned this week is that if you are losing weight, don't wait a month to wear something you have.... I was going to wear a pair of pants that I hadn't touched in a month and was totally stoke because they are cute, I put them on and they are way too big, not so cute. I am sad about that but now know I won't wait so long to wear something. I also further proved to myself that it is ok to live once in awhile and eat the things I love and not pay too dearly.
     Well, I guess I will close for now, hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!


  1. Brandie, I am so proud of you! You have such inner strength and beauty for sharing your progress with us! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and your support! :)

  3. Way to go! Your doing so well. Stay with it, nothing feels better than good health.:)