Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have been wanting to write about this for a very long time, as it has been key to my success. Journaling is a word that a lot of people cringe at, for many different reasons. Some of the reasons that people have given me are: 1. Afraid to see what they are eating. Here's the beauty, weather or not you are aware of what you are putting in your body, not writing it down does not take it away. If you ate it you ate it. 2. It takes too much time. Losing weight takes a lot of time too, perhaps if I had journaled when my doctors told me to 20 years ago, I would not have a need for a "my journey" blog. 3. I just don't see how it would help. Seeing what you put in your body creates both an awareness, and accountability factor.

When I first began my journey, I was not journaling, and not aware of what I was still putting in my body even though I had cut out a lot of things. For instance, liquid... The silent diet killer. Many of us do not think of liquid calories because we are not eating them. I was definitely in this category, I had cut out most junk food but was hanging on to my soda. I did not think about the calories in this because I was only focused on food. Another silent diet killer, spices & condiments. There are a lot of spices and condiments that do contain calories, fat, sodium, and other things we don't normally think about. It wasn't until I began journaling that I became aware of this. I was finally able to see something that I could not deny or justify, it was what it was. Now that I could see what exactly I was doing to myself it made it easier to see where I needed to adjust. To this day it still helps, because lets face it... sometimes we think things are a good idea, until hind sight smacks us in the face. That is ok, because once we've been smacked  we usually won't make the same mistake twice, at least I hope.

I am a firm believer that journaling is essential in any lifestyle, not just for those trying to lose weight. I think that weather you are trying to lose, gain, maintain, or just be healthy, you should know what you are eating. I will probably journal until the day I die. Now lets not be ridiculous, there are times when journaling is not really feasible, i.e. parties, buffet's, etc... it is nearly impossible in these situations because you don't know exactly what went into a dish or how it was prepared. Sometimes and I stress sometimes ,it is ok to have a day when you don't log (vacation), one day did not make anyone fat or unhealthy, it is ok to live a little.

I keep my food journal on the computer at Calorie Count, I like using this form of journaling because it has other tools to further help me determine the quality of my nutrition. It gives the lows and highs of foods, and also helps me know if I am consuming enough or too much of a certain nutrient.  In addition it helps me to find info on certain foods that may not come with a nutrition label (produce, and meat). There have been times when I could not get to the computer and a piece of paper did just fine. My grandmother for instance, does all of hers in a notebook. She says it is fun to her, kind of like a little game. I have to agree with her, I spend my calories like I spend money, I want the most bang for my buck! Contrary to what people think, journaling does not have to be torturous or boring.

These are just my thoughts and feelings on the subject, I would never want to derail anything that may be working for someone else. I do feel that no matter what diet you are on or what lifestyle changes you are making, that journaling is just another essential piece of the puzzle. Awareness is power in this battle. Good luck to all of you, no matter what your journey may be, or the method you choose, anything is possible.

In closing, I have another recipe for you all... have a great week & ENJOY!

Greek Beef & Orzo


  1. First well done on your weight loss Brandie :)
    Second, your completely right with regards to us not being fully aware of what we put into our bodies unless we write it down. It's quite suprising how we'll conveniently forget the odd piece of cake or bite of chocolate - they all add up and eventually equal no weight loss.
    I admire your determination to discover ways that will enable you to continue your weight loss journey.
    Your blog is a real inspiration.


    1. Linda, thank you very much once again for your kind words. My determination I think during this journey is very much based on my will to live. I think that is why I have failed so many times before, until now, I never understood how much my life depends on it. In the past it was always about vanity because when I was younger I was invincible, or so I thought. Being 460 pounds and dealing with all that came with it let me not only feel but know in my heart that if changes weren't made I was going to die way before my time. This time around I chose life instead of beauty.

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    1. Rahul, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. Tips from other people have helped me out so when I find something that works for me I love to share. :)