Tuesday, July 17, 2012

284 - Late Weekly Update

I know, I know, I said I would try not to be such a slacker, and here I am 4 days late on my update. Go on... Shake your head and tsk tsk.. Ok, now that we have that done and over with, my weigh in was good, I lost 1.8 pounds last week. It was a smaller loss but a loss at any rate, so I am happy with that.

Had another busy weekend, on Friday my youngest did a little performance for her last day of summer school and we had a lot of fun watching her. They did the hokey poky, and the chicken dance (this was adorable). Our mandatory grocery trip also took place this day, and though I am finally beginning to like shopping, I must admit, I don't think I will get over the crowdedness of a Wal Mart shopping center. I arrive in the best mood and by the time I leave I am ready to enter the psych ward. I don't do well with crowds especially rude ones. I should really work on this but... there is nothing more aggravating than being cut off at every pass. I'm not kidding, if half of the people drive like they walk, I am frightened. Later in the evening we attended my little sisters birthday party (she's 17 now) and had a blast. We sang karaoke and hung out. My mom and I even planned out a great girls day for next weekend. Going to the hair salon, lunch, and a little shopping. I haven't had my hair cut in a very long time (almost a year) it is very long (to my butt) and curly, unless I straighten it. I want a cute do, not that you can see a style in my curly hair, but when it is straight I want something cute. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to go short, but am willing to lose 6-8 inches.

Saturday was fishing, we woke up early and picked up a buddy to go fishing with. The first place we went was a dud. We sat there for nearly 2 hours and not a bite, so we packed up, and wouldn't ya know.... As soon as we started heading for the car, the fish started jumping. We continued to our new location anyway and am glad we did. I lost count of how many we caught, but we ended up with 5 large catfish that we could keep. I am looking forward to cooking that.

Sunday was church, and the day that we got our family pictures back, and dealt with family drama. Church went really well. I am the 2nd counselor of the Young Women, and was assigned to teach a lesson on forgiveness. The irony of this will come into play in a minute. We had a new young woman so it was nice to be able to actually do a lesson. We are from a branch and not a ward (not enough people) so generally we do not have anyone on Sunday (for young women). Anyway, I get home and find out that two of my siblings have completely thrown me under the ex's bus. Saying things that were so far from the truth it's not even funny. I felt very betrayed, I won't get into any details but I was feeling so angry, and thoughts about the two of them were thoughts that I should not be having. I went and talked about this to a church leader and let him know how ugly I was feeling on the inside. This is not me, I am a nice person, and feelings of hatred are not typical for me. I thought to myself, how ironic, I just did a lesson on forgiveness and here I am feeling that I will never be able to forgive these two. I feel better after talking to our church leader, I don't think I am quite at the forgiveness stage as I am still really hurt. But, I do think there is a reason that I was assigned this particular lesson. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and may not be able to or choose to take away a certain trial in our lives, but he certainly makes sure we have the tools to deal with them. Someday I will be able to forgive them, but I do not know if I will ever be able to let them in my life.  On a lighter note, here is one of our family pics.....

I also have another recipe to leave you with, and a new blog entry to look forward to (Journaling).....

Chicken & Black Bean Burrito


  1. You look absolutely beautiful!
    I so enjoy your blog and find your journey very inspiring.
    Tomorrow begins another 'attempt' for me.
    You keep on doing what your doing. :o)

  2. Sandra, That is my mom's name so already you are awesome in my book :) . Thank you so much for your comment, and good luck to you on your journey. It is not always an easy one but very worth it. Please let me know if you ever need support, I am more than happy to give it.

  3. You are so generous Brandie, thank you.
    I've only met a handful of Sandra's my entire life and it's nice to hear of another who had a sweet daughter as I did. :o)

    I appreciate your offer and will raise my hand when need be. You have really impressed upon me that counting calories would be the best for me. It was what I first did as a teenager. This past year I have been trying to follow diets and yes...diets do not work. You show what I believe is true...we must know how much we are consuming, make heathier choices, learn portions and move more. My head knows this so now I must continually remind myself of this. I need to lose 80-100lbs.
    Being disabled sets up challenges but nothing that I shouldn't be able to work with.
    Anyway...thank you and have a wonderful week Brandie. :o)
    Let's journey on!!

  4. Aww Brandie the family photo is beautiful! And I don't think you should let that you felt angry and hurt eat away at you, the fact that you acknowledge that forgiveness is something you will consider in the future means you're open to building some kind of bridges with them when you are ready and there is less hurt. This proves you're a loving and forgiving person, so don't feel bad. :)