Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gardening With Brandie & Other Tidbits

     In April, my husband and I decided that we would take a stab at growing our own vegetables. Now normally this would not be such a task except we live in an apartment. Our garden is being grown in pots on our back porch. We got into it not really knowing what we were doing, but had seen other neighbors have success. $63.00 later this is what we got:
From Left to Right: Hot Pepper Mix, Icicle Radishes, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Green Onions, Swiss Chard (neon), Early Girl Tomatoes, Better Bush Tomatoes
Fast forward 2 months, this is what they look like now: (not in the same order)
Hot Pepper Mix, these were a little slow going at first, I think due to the colder weather. Doing great now though.
Icicle Radishes, Had a bout with the aphids so it has
been quarantined. I think we got rid of them though.

Green Bell Peppers, Just look at those big boys!! Can't
wait to eat them!!

Green Onions, These have been interesting to watch grow.

Red Bell Peppers

Early Girl Tomatoes, going to have to
share these, we have about 6 tomatoes
so far and a bunch of blossoms.

Neon Swiss Chard, also interesting to watch grow.

Better Bush Tomatoes, also going to have to share
I think :) at least until I learn to can.


     This has been a fun little venture and will be a good way to supplement some of our produce budget. We started using some miracle grow on them about 3 weeks ago and wow... It's a miracle!!


     Anyway, enough gardening.... Weigh in is tomorrow and I must say, I am a little bit nervous because due to my ankle's mysterious injury, I have not been able to do much exercise. I have been pretty on point for nutrition though and I hope that is enough to give me a loss this week. I normally wouldn't worry but just want to make sure that I stay below the 300 mark. I also want to make good progress towards my next goal in 4 months.(250) More on the weigh in tomorrow when I give my weekly report.
     Went to the DMV today to get my married name put on my license (4 years later), and I was super excited to put my new lower weight on it. I am smaller than I lied to be the last time I renewed it. I had said I was 350, when really I was around 420 at the time. It feels so good to be honest!!! Guess what??? I think for the first time in the history of Brandie, I like my photo. I had to laugh though because compared to my other photo, I don't even look like me... Maybe like I could be a sister or something. LOL I will post the comparison tomorrow when I have a bit more time.
Have a great night y'all, and tune in tomorrow for the weigh in results!!!


  1. It's not often a drivers licence picture is good!

    I love your plants, I hope you get a lot of produce from them.

    Good luck on your weigh in!

    1. I know right... Drivers licences are usually a real drag. I am still not super happy with the angle they have you tilt your head to, but what can you do right??

  2. I love your plants. We were able to grow a lot on our South facing balcony in Logan. But now that our patio faces north we've had no luck.

    1. Thank you, I am sure we will have plenty to share over the summer Val if you guys want some. It's been a lot of fun so far!

  3. I adore your little garden. I would love to have some plants for fresh veggies, but similar to you, I live in a townhouse, so I have no yard. Of course, I also have a black thumb, so I'm not even sure I could grow anything in pots!

    1. Thank you Kristen. We were not sure if we could do it because we aren't great at keeping plants alive either. Fingers crossed, so far so good :)

  4. I tried to do a potted garden last year but we had such a bad drought that we couldn't keep it going. This year I decided not to try, but my neighbor did. Her's has been going really strong this year! I am seriously considering trying again next year. It is amazing how much fresh herbs and veggies cost! Having a garden really does help.

    1. Maybe your friend will share :) . This will be the first year of eating my own veggies, I am excited!! I will be even more excited when I get a pressure cooker and can bottle some things like salsa and spaghetti sauce. That will save me on some sodium for sure!