Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Different Perspective

     Well hello my friends, I am very sorry for my absence the last little while. Father's Day activities have kept me pretty busy over the weekend, and then of course came the Monday clean up ha ha! It was a great weekend, starting with a fishing trip up to Deer Creek Reservoir. The fishing was not great, but I did manage to catch our only fish of the day! We also found our camp site for our camping trip in August. It was hot but a lot of fun!

I made Daniel hold it because I didn't have my gloves on LOL!
Too small to keep but still fun to catch!

     So, getting to the real point of this post "A Different Perspective", On Fridays we do our weekly trip to the grocery store and as we were getting home with our goods, I found myself thinking a familiar thought, and wanted to share it. We live up a pretty decent flight of stairs which always makes bringing anything home a lot of fun. (sarcasm noted). Knowing this and what a pain it is we carry up as much as we can handle to avoid making too many trips. As I was carryng up my first load I was really feeling it. Now, normally people don't think of 20-25 pounds as a whole lot, but I must say, it was really difficult to carry up those stairs. My back hurt, my knees, my calves were burning, you get the picture. Then I got to thinking, I used to carry around 8 times that ALL THE TIME. I honestly don't know how I did it! For anyone who has never been extremely over weight, or anyone who wonders what it would feel like, or needs to remember, pick up a 20 pound bag of flour and carry it around for a little while. That should give you a good idea or a good reminder of where you don't want to be or be again.
     I am going to participate again this week in the 5 day work out challenge, though I am getting a late start because I over did it this weekend and my ankle is again protesting. I am going to try  tonight and hope I don't fall over LOL. Of course, that may be good entertainment! I am also going to continue with the same goals as last week. On a side note, I have been hearing a lot about fluctuaing your calorie intake. It is supposed to help when you are heading towards a plateu, by shaking things up with the metabolism. I have been giving this some thought and may try 2 weeks 1400 and then 1  1500 (repeating process), just to see what happens. This means that I have last week and this week at 1400 and next week I will try 1500. If I decide to do it (trying to gather courage for experiment) :)

I hope you all are having a great week so far, I will check back in soon!


  1. I love your comparison of carrying around 20 pounds of flour! I had a lady on my blog talk about how she compares weight to butter sticks. A pound of butter is 4 sticks. Therefore, 20 pounds is 80 sticks of butter!

  2. Thank you Kristen, the butter one is a good comparison too for a visual!

  3. My weight loss hasn't been as significant as your but with the 30 I have lost I grabbed 20 bag of rice we had here and carried it around for about 20 minutes. How did we do it? Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. A BIG congrats to you!! That is fantastic. It is a whole new perspective carrying the extra weight (rice) now isn't it. I ask myself that all the time now. It's no wonder I sat on the couch so often.

  4. I totally get what you said about carrying the extra 20-25 pounds. I started at 322, got down to 205, and am currently 247. I hate that I'm losing the same weight again, but as you may know, it was mostly from the chemo with the breast cancer. Not fun, but I really want to get back into the 220s at least.
    Once when I did Weight Watchers, the leader used the stick of butter analogy to make someone feel better about losing only a quarter of a pound. She literally had that lady stand up in front of everyone and PUT the stick of butter on her shoulder. Of course, you can't feel that amount of weight, but the visual effect was great!
    Yeah, I don't know how we did it either. Carrying that much weight does indeed make your knees and back hurt. In the 320s I couldn't walk even one block without severe back pain. It was no fun to do anything. Now I can walk all day without back pain. It's amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I can totally relate and you can inspire me when I'm getting frustrated.