Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eyes On The Prize

     I have been working really hard this week to achieve the goals I set for myself last Friday. I am happy to report that so far, I have succeeded in keeping my calories around 1400 (100 less than I normally eat), drinking at least 64 oz of water per day, and am 2 for 2 on Zumba days. A fellow blogger had set a personal challenge to achieve 5 days of physical activity and I thought that was a good idea. I was only doing 2-3 days of Zumba before so it is going to take a little positive self talk, but I can do it. Will all of these changes be enough to shake up my metabolism and see bigger results?? I hope so, tune in on Friday to find out.
     Although last Friday found me a little less than ecstatic, I do have good news to report, I have lost several inches over the last month! After all the great comments I received about weather or not to post a pic of myself to illustrate my measurements, I have decided, in the interest of staying true to why I started blogging, I am going to do it! The pics should be on my measurements page by tomorrow, provided that I do not get too busy (i.e. distracted :) ). Anyway, here are the comparisons from last month:

                          Last Month                          This Month

Neck                             17.25 inches                   16.5 inches                 lost     .75 inches
Bust                                51.5 inches                   49.5 inches                 lost        2 inches
Under Bust                    47.5 inches                  46.25 inches                 lost   1.25 inches
Waist                            52.25 inches                  50.25 inches                 lost        2 inches
Hips                                   61 inches                       58 inches                 lost        3 inches
R. Bicep                             16 inches                13.875 inches                 lost 2.125 inches
L. Bicep                             16 inches                       14 inches                lost        2 inches
R. Forearm                   11.75 inches                      11 inches                 lost    .75 inches
L. Forearm                     11.5 inches                      11 inches                 lost      .5 inches
R. Wrist                          7.11 inches                 6.125 inches                 lost  .985 inches
L. Wrist                          7.11 inches                        7 inches                 lost    .11 inches
R. Thigh                       24.25 inches                   23.5 inches                lost    .75 inches
L. Thigh                         24.5 inches                      24 inches                lost     .5 inches
R. Calf                            18.5 inches                   17.5 inches              lost       1 inches
L. Calf                             18.5 inches                17.75 inches            lost    .75 inches
R. Ankle                          10.5 inches                10.25 inches            lost     .25 inches
L. Ankle (Swollen)         10.5 inches                   10.5 inches             lost        0 inches
                                                                                                   TOTAL   18.72 INCHES

     So there you have it, even though the numbers have slowed, the inches are falling, and that makes me smile!!

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